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Mobility Website - is a mobility website intended to help you to find mobility services in Herefordshire.

Local mobility services from local people in Herefordshire and local mobility centres in Herefordshire. Adaptive clothing, disability equipment, exercise, hobby and play equipment or even waterless cookware for healthy cooking.

We will strive to provide an ever-increasing number of mobility directory listings for Herefordshire on top of quality mobility lifestyle product and service providers in Herefordshire.

Mobility Vehicle Solutions in Herefordshire.

Mobility Adapted Cars and Vans in Herefordshire.

Mobility Vehicle Adaptations in Herefordshire are where the types of adaptations range from fitting basic hand controls, wheelchair accessible vehicles to complex "Drive from Wheelchair" conversions. Many mobility vehicle adaptations in Herefordshire like left foot accelerators, easy release handbrakes, (power) steering assistance and are tailor made to suit each individual. This gives the end user greater confidence and more freedom through mobility vehicle hand controls, pedal modifications or seat modifications in Herefordshire.

Mobility Scooters in Herefordshire.

Powered wheelchairs in Herefordshire - Class 2 (C2) mobility scooters in Herefordshire are electric wheelchairs and the smaller kind of mobility scooter for "pavement only" use, whereas Class 3 (C3) mobility scooters in Herefordshire need to be registered with the DVLA and display a road tax disc (even though the tax disc does NOT cost anything - April 2012). C3 are sometimes described as 6mph mobility scooters or 8mph heavy duty mobility scooters in Herefordshire.

Mobility Shops and Stores in Herefordshire.

Buying mobility aids from mobility products dealers in Herefordshire can be a confusing process, with hundreds of makes and models to choose from. Whether you are looking to buy a stair lift, adjustable bed, walk-in bath or riser chair, each product has different features and functions, prices and service options – so you may need as much help and information as you can get. We recommend that you visit at least one mobility shop in Herefordshire.


Mobility Equipment in Herefordshire - Buy and Hire.

Mobility aids and equipment in Herefordshire - Mobility technology gives control and independence to people who struggle to complete everyday tasks such as making phone calls, turning on lights and answering the door to visitors.

Mobility living solutions in Herefordshire can range from a door entry systems or paging systems for a spouse or carer through to complete home automation or communication packages using a wide variety of environmental control and augmentative and alternative communication systems down to a installing a voice-activated telephone dialler in Herefordshire.

Mobility Bathroom Solutions in Herefordshire.

Bathroom mobility solutions in Herefordshire includes full length walk in baths, tub style walk in baths, powered walk in baths, easy access showers, level access showers and wetrooms in Herefordshire.

Mobility bathing aids, bath hoists, bath lifts and bath boards in Herefordshire, incontinence aids and toilet aids in Herefordshire. Ceiling hoists (or overhead hoists) or patient hoists in Herefordshire.

Mobility Beds in Herefordshire.

There are a wide range of manually or electrically adjustable beds in Herefordshire. If you are having trouble sleeping, then an adjustable bed may be just the answer. Single and double mobility beds are available in Herefordshire.

Mobility Chairs in Herefordshire.

Powered and manual adjustable, rise and recline chairs with single or dual motors in Herefordshire.

Single motor or dual motor mobility chairs in Herefordshire - Standard, mid-range, luxury mobility chairs in Herefordshire - Large or specialist and bespoke mobility chairs in Herefordshire.

Mobility Assistance in Herefordshire.

Mobility walkers in Herefordshire - Mobility handrails in Herefordshire - Mobility platform lifts and automated door systems in Herefordshire.

Mobility rollators, walking frames and walking sticks in Herefordshire.

Mobility grippers, grabbers and twisters in England.

Mobility Electric Stairlifts in Herefordshire.

Straight and curved stair lifts in Herefordshire - We would say modern straight and curved stairlifts are built to last, with low maintenance and high reliability. They usually run on low maintenance DC power packs, many of which are automatically recharged at the end of each trip. Modern stairlifts are safe to use, quiet when in use and are operationally smooth.

Mobility Wheel Chairs in Herefordshire.

Hereford Mobility Centre, Ravenswood Court, Rotherwas Industrial Estate,
Hereford HR2 6JX

For assistance please don't hesitate to call, email or visit the Hereford Mobility Centre premises for Mobility Scooters in Herefordshire, Powered Wheelchairs in Herefordshire, Manual Wheelchairs in Herefordshire, Walking Aids Bathroom Adaptions in Herefordshire, Toilet Aids in Herefordshire, Bathing Aids in Herefordshire, Straight Stairlifts in Herefordshire, Curved Stairlifts in Herefordshire, Recliner Chairs in Herefordshire, Electric Adjustable Beds in Herefordshire.

Tel: 01432 264333

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